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We’ve compiled a list of our customer questions to help give you immediate answers to questions. If you could not find the answers you were looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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General FAQs

Due to the increasing cost of packaging, labour and transport, we are updating our minimum order quantity (MOQ) to £5000 to ensure we can continue to provide competitive pricing.

We offer FREE UK delivery with every order over MOQ.

We aim to process all stock orders within 72 hours. If you are buying from a deal or to order supply chain, the availability will be in line with the offer.

Yes! We have a great online store with hundreds of stock items from big brands such as Dove, Durex, Listerine, L'Oreal, Oral-B and many more to choose from. Once your order quote is placed, we will contact you to confirm your order and delivery date with you. 


Sign up here to get started. 

Yes! We have a great online portal with hundreds of stock items to choose from. All you need to do is sign up, then our team will contact you with account forms to fill out, and then you can place your order!

Maybe... It all depends on what you need, we can provide assistance with many documents. Contact us to check what is possible.

Yes. Please contact us via email or phone, and we may be able to organise something for you. We put our customers first and are always looking to help your experience be the easiest it can possibly be. 

Please get in touch with your sales rep or one of our team members via email or phone, and we can get this added on straight away if possible.

No. Unfortunately, this is not something we can grant. Additionally, if you are looking to buy pharmaceuticals, we will need a medicine licence from you. 

Check the latest regulations on the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency guidelines website.

Yes! Our sales team are constantly keeping their eye out for the best deals within the industry. We provide you with competitive prices. Our online store's clever computer brain compares all prices on the market and shows you the fairest price.  

Store FAQs

Our minimum order value is £5000 with FREE UK Delivery. 

We ship globally to check what minimum order we recommend for each location (ex-works UK). Please refer to our minimum order guide on the international page. 

No, the prices shown on the store and on our CSV stock list do not include VAT.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.