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New store launch: Wholesale just got supercharged

We are excited to announce the launch of the new SIAN store and app. It’s our most powerful iteration of the store yet. 

Man sitting on sofa using SIAN app

We continue to transform the way we do things. Our goal in designing the store was to create a simple buying experience that enables rather than inhibits. Developed on the amazon web server, the SIAN store is super quick to deliver product images, pricing and availability, equipping you with the tools to purchase for your demand and requirements – at a time that suits you. 

We believe that creating a speedy and reliable platform makes wholesale more accessible, helping businesses small and large grow and flourish.  

The SIAN store is no longer limited to the web. We’ve also made it an app. We’ve essentially miniaturised our entire warehouse onto a single device. Yours.

New warehouse racking installation
New racking added to the warehouse
Stocking our new warehouse expansion
Stocking our new warehouse expansion

Navigation is fluid and intuitive within the app interface, whether on the mobile or desktop app. The dynamic cross-device functionality means you can switch between the two seamlessly, picking up from where you left off, whether that’s from scanning low stock items from the aisle of your store on a stock replenishment walk or from your desktop using the basket builder function. Finding what you’re looking for is made simple, freeing time up so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Over the shoulder view of a woman sitting at desk using SIAN app

Browse stock, build stock lists (“My List”) and submit orders at a click of a button. 

Sign up and download the SIAN store to get started.