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Wholesale. Anytime.

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Prefer CSV stocklists?

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We understand there’s still a place for CSV stocklist; that’s why we offer Store users the option to download our latest wholesale stocklist via the store homepage. 

Prefer CSV stocklists?​

Download our Stocklist​


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Find and deliver the products you need for your business and expand your product portfolio for your customers. Choose from hundreds of market-leading beauty and household brands such as Dove, Dettol, Gillette, Garnier, Listerine L’Oreal and Oral-B.

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Store Features

Check stock around the clock

Check stock availability, pricing, barcodes, pictures, and place orders at a time that suits you.

SIAN Store Features - Barcode Scanning

Scan to search products

Use your inventory to search. The built-in barcode scanner helps you to find products on the SIAN store.

SIAN Store Features - Reorder from lists

Reorder and Replenish

The favourites tab allows you to store your regularly ordered products and add them to your order with one click. 

SIAN Store Features - Speedy Platform

Simple yet Powerful

We have built the SIAN shop on AWS (Amazon’s web service), offering you a speedy and reliable online experience. 

SIAN Store Features - Mobile and Desktop App

Take our warehouse with you

Access all of our product lines straight from the SIAN Wholesale app. 

SIAN Store Features - POR Calculator

Work out margins

The POR (Profit On Return) Calculator is a tool available to help you work out how much you should charge per product to make your desired profit margin.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.

Get in touch

Our vastly experienced sales team are always accessible. 

Simply give us a call or email with your enquiry.